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The general information on faculty

The motor transportation faculty is one of the oldest faculties of the Vladimir state university and is organized (under the name "Autotractor") in 1969 (order RSFSR № 27 from 16.01.1969).

Now at faculty it is trained about 1500 students on nine specialities in internal, correspondence and remote forms of the training, four directions of a bachelor degree and a magistracy.


    * Automobiles and an automobile facilities
    * Service of transport and technological machines and the equipment
    * The organization and traffic safety
    * Engines of internal combustion
    * Quality management
    * Standardization and certification
    * Metrology and metrological maintenance
    * Mechanics
    * An electric equipment of automobiles and tractors


    * Construction of power machines
    * Power system
    * Operation of vehicles
    * Mechanics


    * Construction of power machines
    * Operation of vehicles
    * Metrology, standardization and certification
    * Robots and robotized systems

The structure of faculty includes four letting out faculties:

    * Motor transport
    * Thermal engines and power installations
    * Quality managements and technical regulation
    * Automatic and mechanical systems

Within the framework of sold innovative educational program are created and two scientific - educational centers function:

    * Research and diagnostics of vehicles
    * The regional educational center " Safety of educational establishments "

Employment at faculty are conducted by highly skilled teachers. Among them 9 doctors and 40 Cand.Tech.Sci., 3 honored workers of a science of the Russian Federation, 10 members of various academies, 2 deserved machine engineers of the Russian Federation, 6 honourable workers of the higher school.

Since the moment of the basis (1969) by faculty it is prepared over 8 thousand experts for a motor transportation complex of the country, the State inspection of safety of traffic (motor licensing and inspection department), dealer car centers, transport inspection, other organizations of. Vladimir, area, regions of Russia. Among graduates of faculty of 6 doctors and more than 70 Cand.Tech.Sci.

The faculty has well equipped material base:

    * 28 educational laboratories
    * 4 computer classes
    * 5 research laboratories
    * 5 educational automobiles for preparation of students for reception of certificates on the right of driving of vehicles

Since 1994 on the basis of faculty of motor transport permanent regional courses of improvement of qualification of experts function in the field of safety of traffic under five programs:

    * Qualifying preparation on the organization of transportations by motor transport and traffic safety
    * Preparation of heads and experts of motor transport on traffic safety
    * Improvement of professional skill of experts on the organization of transportations by motor transport within the limits of the Russian Federation
    * Preparation of drivers of the vehicles which are carrying out transportation of dangerous cargoes
    * Qualifying preparation on the organization of transportations by motor transport within the limits of the Russian Federation

All faculties of faculty have postgraduate study and well advanced research base. Scientific researches are conducted on the following basic directions:

    * Product quality control and информационно-technological processes on motor transport
    * Development of scientific bases of perfection of power and ecological parameters of power units of transport and means of mechanization of auxiliary operations
    * Thermophysics, gas dynamics and ecology of non-standard processes in piston engines
    * Metrological maintenance and quality management of technical systems during manufacture and operation
    * System engineering management mechanicals and robotizeds systems and their components

In 2001 at faculty it is created and dissertational advice D212.025.02 on protection doctor's and master's theses on two specialities functions:

    * 05.22.10 - Operation of motor transport
    * 05.04.02 - Thermal engines

The faculty actively develops the international cooperation with foreign universities the USA, China, Bulgaria and other countries. Within the framework of this cooperation exchanges of student's and teaching delegations are carried out, joint scientific and technical conferences are carried out, various projects are realized.